MOKOSO Atelier – Poetic Imagination

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By Cynthia Unninayar

COVER STORY with Jewelry Showcase Magazine Apr 2015 Issue

Once in a while, a jewelry designer escapes the trajectory of mere beauty to elevate its art to an entirely new dimension. The innovatively brilliant designs of Mokoso Atelier continually surpass the expectations of even the most discerning clients.

Mokoso  Atelier  stands  at  the  peak  of aesthetic  achievement,  unparalleled craftsmanship, technical mastery, and poetic imagination. It is jewelry you experience on every emotional level.  From internal feelings of ultimate luxury and fascination to the undeniable intrigue of enviable onlookers, Mosoko’s jewels evoke emotions so enchanting they are almost magical.

The  brand’s  master  craftsmen bring  each  designer’s  artistic  inspiration  and  imagination  to  life  with  uncanny expertise  and  meticulous  attention  to  detail.  Front and  back,  every  jewel  personifies  perfection—the unquestionable  signature  of  the  masterpieces  that Mokoso has come to symbolize.

Mokoso  Atelier’s  parent  company,  MKS  Jewelry International,  has  more  than  450  employees  who are  involved  in  every  facet  of  jewelry  manufacturing,  both  for  Mokoso  and  for  a  variety  of  private label brands. These include in-house gemstone cutting, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, CNC systems, and an entire staff of highly skilled model makers,  along  with  four  separate  manufacturing units within its factory.

But, even with all these technologically advanced capabilities, pieces are handcrafted, stones are handset, and every piece is hand-finished. With over thirty different collections and a 35-year history of award-winning designs—both internally branded  and  manufactured  for  other  companies—

MKS Jewelry, along with its phenomenally successful new house brand Mokoso Atelier are undeniably masters of Poetic Imagination. JEWELRY SHOWCASE


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